Powerball Jackpot excites Michiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --The Powerball jackpot is at $400 million - a lot of money for one lucky person.

Lines of people came in and out of a South Bend gas station with the hope that the single slip of paper will change their life. 

"Somebody has to win this," says JoAnn Borke of Tipton.

For Borke, she is one of many Michiana residents who have their eyes on the prize.

"I think it would change my life," says Borke.

John Toth of Roseland says he waits for the big jackpots.

“I have always been a big spender, I like high ticket items and I will have me some,” says Toth.

And Terry Bloss, a cashier at a South Bend gas station says he sees people spend big money in hopes to get the big return.

“I have had a lady come in here and spend $100 on one Powerball ticket,” explains Bloss.

While some do not rely too much on a winning outcome.

“I think the lottery is a suckers bet if you spend more than a couple bucks on it,” says Justin Mayor, Notre Dame student.

Many consistently keep their hopes high.

“It’s been a long hard process, he tells me they are winners,” says Toth.

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