PR is responding to the Federal Aid they've been receiving

NOW: PR is responding to the Federal Aid they’ve been receiving

The Trump Administration says things are going good in Puerto Rico, but those living there are saying the response is not satisfactory.

FEMA is on the ground in the island. On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security says they're proud of the efforts.The acting secretary said Thursday, the response is a good news story.

But the mayor of San Juan told CNN, that is not what she is seeing on the ground.

“It's not a good story when people are dying, when people are starving, when people are thirsty, when people can't go back to work,” says Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Cruz. “So I don't know who in their right mind would say that this is a good story to tell."

The DHS secretary later clarified her comments saying she meant there is good news about the unification of command.

FEMA is making their way into neighborhoods in Puerto Rico, delivering much needed supplies.

"This is the first of many visits. FEMA's not going to forget about this community,” says Caroline Cuddy with FEMA. “FEMA's not going to forget the about needs that they have and we're going to work with our people back in our field office in San Juan about what we're going to do."

Millions of people remain without power and it could take months to restore power to every home.

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