Precious Jackson's mother tears up remembering her daughter

She was the mother of his baby. They got into an argument.

He pulled out a gun --- and shot her in front of her children.

Tyron Johnson was sentenced to 60 years in prison Monday for ending the life of his girlfriend Precious Jackson last year.

Here’s what Precious Jackson’s mother had to say in an exclusive interview with ABC 57’s Jess Arnold.

“Justice was served for Precious,” said Victoria Jackson, Precious Jackson’s Mother

She teared up as she said that she often sits on her porch thinking about the daughter that she lost last year. Still, she mourns for Tyron Johnson’s family too, because she says they lost a son as well.

 “People might think I’m supposed to be ecstatically happy, but anytime you lose a life, whether it was for or against, it’s always a traumatic thing,” said Mrs. Jackson.

She said the sentencing was almost more nerve-racking than the trial.

 “The pounding of my heart, the rushing of my sweaty hands. It was all the same. It was just like all over again, waiting for the final determination…the outcome of somebody’s life,” said Mrs. Jackson.

And the outcome for Tyron Johnson—behind bars for basically the rest of his life.

Now, Victoria Jackson is left to pick up the pieces of her own life. She said she used to have pictures of Precious on the tv stand, but her husband took them down to try to help her move on. This past year, she’s been clinging to her faith for solace.

 “My husband and me…we really believe in God. That’s the only thing that’s gotten us thus far without me losing my mind, so I’m going to go on with that. I have nothing else to go on in the hope of raising my grandchildren to remember who Precious was,” said Precious Jackson’s mother.

And it looks like her family will definitely remember Precious. They still keep photos of her scattered around the house.

Mrs. Jackson had just one more thing to say.

 “We all need to be careful. Life is precious.”

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