Prescription Drug take back day comes to Michiana

NOW: Prescription Drug take back day comes to Michiana


ST. JOESPH, Mich - National prescription drug take back day hit Michiana

Local activist groups, healthcare workers, and concerned neighbors joined the effort at the Lakeland Center for Outpatient Services

Beverly Robbins who is a process engineer at Lakeland Health called the prescription take back day a success.

With the many pills, came many personal stories of those affected by opioid abuse

“My son suffered from addiction to heroin for over seven years and last July we lost our son to a fatal overdose” said Amy Jonatske of St. Joseph Michigan.

Since losing her son Amy Jonatske joined a local group bringing attention to opioid abuse and she says her calling now is to help others.

“I've been very involved in our community trying to bring awareness, reduce the stigma and trying to help people find the help and support they need” said Jonatske

Jonatske says with education and events like this there's always hope

“This can happen to anyone and it can be fatal. Unfortunately, my son’s outcome was that his life was ended so for my family our life will never be the same but the one thing to remember is that with addiction there is recovery and does happen”

Event organizers said they received over one hundred pounds of prescription pills with more than half of those being opioids. 

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