Investigators release videos of suspect vehicle in fatal crash

Photos of the suspect vehicle as it traveled on South Bend Avenue

Photo on the left shows the rear of the vehicle with the brake lights illuminated. The photo on the right is also the suspect vehicle.

Investigators released this photo with a guide to show where the suspect vehicle is traveling in the video from Cook stadium (video 2 in our story)

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Investigators are releasing videos of a vehicle that struck and killed 27-year-old Hannah Turgeon on South Bend Avenue early Sunday morning. The videos were shown during a press conference held by St. Joseph County Prosecutor Ken Cotter Wednesday afternoon.

The first video, provided by Sweeney Julian, shows Turgeon go from the Linebacker to a stopped vehicle in the street to talk to the driver. The video ends before she is struck.

After she finished talking to the driver, she turns to cross the street to go back to the Linebacker when she is hit by the suspect's vehicle.

The vehicle kept going, then turned from South Bend Avenue onto White Oak and down several back roads away from the scene.

Turgeon, from Colorado, was in town for the Notre Dame game. Her father is a former Notre Dame player and witnessed the fatal crash around 2:15 a.m.

While showing the first video in the press conference, Prosecutor Ken Cotter pointed out several groups of people who were in the area at the time of the crash.

Some of the people who were walking in the area at the time of the crash stayed to provide witness statements, but there were several that did not.

Cotter said he understood why some people wouldn't stay - they may have been affected by witnessing the crash or felt they couldn't provide relevant information.

He says if you have not already spoken to police, to please come forward. Even if you think you don't have relevant information, they still want to speak with you.

“We need your help so if you know what had happened if you were there. Frankly if you’re the person who was involved, we’re asking you to come forward," Cotter said.

A second video, from the Cook Stadium, shows the vehicle fleeing the scene and shows the "U" shaped brake lights on the vehicle. Witnesses reported the vehicle could be a dark colored SUV, possibly a Cadillac Escalade.

Cotter said the family is working with Crime Stoppers for a reward for information in this case.

If you have any information in this case, please contact the St. Joseph County Fatal Crash Team, Crime Stoppers at 288-STOP or your local police department.

The videos shown at the press conference, along with the full press conference are posted above. We have posted the raw video as well as excerpts from the press conference that explain what you'll see in each video.

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