Pretzels Inc. comes to Plymouth

Construction is underway in Plymouth for a new state-of-the-art pretzel factory that’s expected to bring high paying jobs to dozens of people.

When Pretzel Inc. officially opens early next year, it’ll mark the first time in 9 years that a large scale business has opened up in Plymouth.

The Bluffton, Indiana based company had to find a new location for its second facility after a devastating oven fire burned down its other plant in Pennsylvania, back in June.

Last year, a commerce building was constructed with the intention of attracting a new business to Plymouth.

“With the devastating fire it sort of opened our eyes to see where wed wanna land. Plymouth, with the availability of the facility, the employee base in this area within 30 to 45 miles, logistically close to Chicago and our customer base, we just felt Plymouth was a really nice place to come,” said Chip Mann, Co-Owner of Pretzels Inc.

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