Prices at the pump keep falling

People all over the country have been relieved by low gas prices this holiday season. 

But travel experts at AAA say the savings won't end with Christmas. 

According to AAA prices at the pump are at their lowest in 5 years and are expected to keep dropping into 2015.

Around Michiana gas has been steady below $2 dollars and 10 cents a gallon. Even falling below $2 dollars at the Costco in Mishawaka. Getting 2 slushies at the gas station would cost you more than that.

You can fill up a 10 gallon tank for about the price of a DVD movie. Or even a large pizza delivered to your home. Just a 20 dollar bill up front for some. 

"I'm sure that helped a lot of people," said Joe Delgado. "As far as economy it's been great for my family of course. For the Christmas season."

AAA expects gas prices to fall another 10 to 15 cents by the new year. 

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