Primary election: South Bend Common Council

Primary election: South Bend Common Council

 Several South Bend Common Council members will be returning to their seats on the council after winning their primary races. Henry Davis Jr, Sharon McBride, Tim Scott and Shelia Niezgodski ran as Democrats and they are running unopposed in the general election.

Troy D. Warner will face Republican Tyler Gillean in the general election.

The Common Council works closely with residents to make sure the city is responsive to their needs. 

“We do have a lot of well-equipped candidates, but it’s very important with so many that we have running, that we all need to come together and make sure we get the right one," said Victoria Jackson, a voter in South Bend.

Incumbent Tim Scott says the council is used to changes, and he's excited to see new faces come on. 

"The good thing is you’ve got Karen White on board, she’s going on for her sixth term, so some good seniority there. Myself, Henry Davis looks like he’s coming back on so he’ll have twelve years’ experience as well. So we’ll have good leadership within that to keep the momentum going and mentor and help the new members coming on council," said Scott. 

Henry Davis Jr. who will run uncontested in November for District 2 representative said he's humbled and thankful to voters for giving him a chance to serve South Bend.

"I am ready to work in coalition with the community groups in the district and my fellow colleagues on the council," said Davis. "Together, with out new mayor-elect, we can ensure the equitable distribution of resources to all of our city's residents and bring justice and true parity to the neighborhoods west of the river."

The primary winners are noted below [view full election results]

At Large candidates:

  • Alex Giorgio-Rubin (D)
  • Lori K. Hamann (D) - WINNER
  • Suzan N. Kesim (D)
  • Joseph Q. Luten (D)
  • Lynn S. Mahoney (D)
  • Anne Mannix (D)
  • David Parker-Brooks (D)
  • Rachel Tomas Morgan (D) - WINNER
  • Karen L. White (D) - WINNER
  • Amanda Jean Grove (R)
  • David M.R. Hackett (R)

District 1 candidates:

  • Karl Nichols (D)
  • Tim Scott (D) - WINNER

District 2 candidates:

  • Jasmine Brown (D)
  • Henry Davis Jr. (D) - WINNER
  • Amanda Govaert Konrath (D)
  • Kelvin Poindexter (D)

District 3 candidates:

  • Barbara Matson (D)
  • Sharon McBride (D) - WINNER

District 4 candidates:

  • Melvin T. Blakley Jr. (D)
  • Dave Matthews (D)
  • Amanda Parkinson (D)
  • Troy D. Warner (D) - WINNER

District 6 candidates:

  • Jason A. Banicki (D)
  • Sheila Niezgodski (D) - WINNER

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