Prime Table prepares for grand reopening

NOW: Prime Table prepares for grand reopening

NILES, Mich. -- Prime Table has brought American food – with a Greek touch – to Michiana customers since 1993.

Along with most restaurants, despite doing curbside pick up, closing due to the pandemic has been a struggle.

The restaurant first opened its doors 27 years ago when Nick and Mary Giannakakis moved to Niles.

“I worked through school in the restaurant, have been here the whole time and my parents are still here working with us,” said Bill Giannakakis, owner of Prime Table.

Bill, Nick and Mary were all at the restaurant Wednesday getting ready for diners — as they have their grand reopening scheduled for Thursday.

“We did a limited menu and limited hours, so tomorrow we’re going to offer our full menu and full hours,” said Giannakakis. “Everything will be available that’s on our menu for dine-in, or you can do curbside carry outs tomorrow.”

Even though their customers have loyally ordered for curbside pickup these last few months, Giannakakis felt the strain of having to close the restaurant so suddenly.

“Just the not knowing; because we were shut down so immediately in the middle of March and they said it was going to be two weeks, so we planned on that, and then two more weeks and then it just kept dragging on,” said Giannakakis. “We need to be open – fully – now to be able to move forward.”

Though some restaurants have had an easier time reopening thanks to outdoor patios, Prime Table doesn’t have one – so, they got creative with their parking lot.

“We said ‘You know what, it’s a nice day, let’s take out some tables and spread them out accordingly,’” said Giannakakis. “Everyday it just kept growing and growing and then we had like 15 tables out there.”

Now that they can finally open, this family business is confident they will bounce back from the pandemic.

“We’re just thankful we’re here today and healthy and able to open,” said Giannakakis. “And thankful to our staff for keeping in touch and working with us throughout these three months. It’s been tough but I think tomorrow will be a great day.”

Prime Table will follow Michigan’s reopening guidelines; which include operating at 50% capacity, distancing tables and having employees wear masks.

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