Private snow plow companies see increased business during snow storm

GRANGER, Ind. – Private snow plow companies in Michiana saw more business during Saturday’s snow storm. 

Private snow plow drivers noticed the unusually slow plowing season before Saturday’s storm.  

“We only had the one plow so far other than this one so you know its been a little slow,” Greg Brucker said. 

Brucker said his company would typically have “five plows” at this point in the season.  

The snow removal helps fund other areas of the landscaping business according to Brucker. 

Despite the slower times Brucker says there are still positives to the unusually slow season before Saturday’s storm. 

“It’s been a little slow but it gives us a lot of time to go through equipment and work on summer equipment and getting everything else ready so it’s been a little nice in that way,” Brucker said. 

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