Professor Kinsella gives expert opinion on stimulus discussion

NOW: Professor Kinsella gives expert opinion on stimulus discussion


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Associate Professor of Political Science at Ball State University Chad Kinsella virtually visits ABC57 to discuss President Trump’s latest legal maneuver.

ABC57’s Brian Conybeare asks Kinsella’s advise on if swing state lawmakers could end up switching electors; how difficult it may be for the country to come back together politically; and whether or not raising stimulus checks could happen with the new congress.

“There are some things I thought were never possible that are now happening. It’s going to be tough because Senator McConell is very much against it- he’s characterized it as a bailout more to the wealthy in a kind of way,” said Professor Kinsella. “He seems very adamantly against it. I think President-elect Biden, when he comes in what’s going to be a big part of his agenda is trying to get more money out there to help with the economy back on track. I don’t think in the short-term it’s going to happen but it could be something we could see moving forward…”

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