Proper tire pressure can keep you safe on slippery roads

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Sunday was one of the most dangerous days of the season to be on the roads. After a solid snowfall, not all roads are safe but you can be prepared for bad conditions by making sure your tires are ready to go.

With the cold weather you might notice the air pressure in your tires going down.

"Especially with the colder weather the air levels in the tires will fluctuate," says Malcolm Wilson, Assistant Store Manager at Drive & Shine.

It is critical to your safety to check the tire pressure consistently this winter season.

"If you are traveling a bunch and the weather is going to be bad make sure you have good traction and the right amount of air is in it," says Wilson.

You can check your tire pressure at home with a tire gauge you can buy at most department or discount stores.

The correct tire pressure for your tires is posted in your car's manual and sometimes inside the driver's side door.

Proper tire pressure can even save some money on your gas.

"It can affect your gas mileage if your tire pressure is low," says Wilson.

Some other things to be aware of while driving on those slippery roads:

  • Drive slowly even if you are on 4-wheel-drive

  • Keep more distance than usual to the driver in front of you

  • Don’t brake quickly if your car begins to slide

  • Use low gears to keep traction on your car

  • Make sure your lights are clean and your windshield is clear.

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