Proposal to extend workday for SBCSC teachers met with resistance

NOW: Proposal to extend workday for SBCSC teachers met with resistance

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- A proposal to extend the workday for South Bend Schools teachers is facing backlash from educators. If approved teachers would have to work 40 additional minutes four days a without additional compensation.

"These guys have worked their hearts out under a really difficult situation and they need to be able to breathe," said Linda Lucy, President of the South Bend chapter of the National Education Foundation. "Now is not the time to talk about extending hours."

Several dozen educators protested the proposal outside of Riley High School prior to the Board's regularly scheduled meeting. 

"Extending the teacher work day without compensation is absurd," said one teacher. "Teachers already spend hours of our own time doing our jobs because we aren’t given proper time during the day to do it."

Some teachers spoke about the emotional toll an extended work day would cause especially given the hardships teachers have faced during the pandemic.

"If I’ve learned anything this year is that I am not a superhero," said Stephen Holmes, an English teacher. "I am a teacher, I am a human, I bleed and that was made painfully aware to me last night."

Some board members seemingly moved by the testimonies and siding with the educators. 

"What do teachers need, what are they telling us they need?" asked Stuart Greene, District 5 Representative. "We need to listen to what teachers are saying."

However, the corporation's administration says this is a difficult decision that needs to be made in order to improve academic performances.

"When we know that best practices are to engage in meaningful collaboration with you colleagues on a daily basis will and improve students outcomes, we have to make those hard decisions," said Brandon White, Chief Academic Officer for South Bend Schools.

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