Prosecution rests in Antwan Mims murder trial

NOW: Prosecution rests in Antwan Mims murder trial

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich--- The prosecution rested in the murder trial of Antwan Mims on Wednesday.

Mims is accused of killing Cortez Miller and Michael Johnson in March at a house party in Benton Harbor.

The prosecution's final witnesses included an undercover officer who was a part of a raid and had recovered a gun believed to have belonged to Miller.

The undercover officer testified that the gun that was sold to Cortez Miller's father, and was not a gun used in the shooting. 

An inmate who testified in this case was with Mims in the Berrien County Jail when he allegedly was part of a conversation overheard by a Berrien County Sheriff’s Deputy.

"I overheard him say to another inmate who was not being taking to court that morning, Curtis Crum, 'Do the right thing, just do the right thing,'" said Deputy Nicholas Magro. 

The defense later called detectives to the stand where they attempted to paint a picture of a tainted investigation that accused detectives of trying to stack the deck against Mims.

Just before court was adjourned for the day, Antwan Mims's wife was escorted from the courtroom by Berrien County Sheriff's Deputies for an unknown reason.

Closing arguments are expected to be made Thursday morning after the defense calls its final witnesses. 

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