Protect animals from cold weather

The cold temperatures are extra harsh on pets who live outdoors or pets who just go outdoors for a short time. The St Joseph County Humane Society says it’s important to keep the outdoor time to a minimum.

If you have outdoor neighborhood cats, make them a little cat home with a box and some straw.

The shelter says they receive plenty of calls this time of year of animals left out in the cold.

You should always check your pets' paws while they're outside and once they get inside.

"Watch their pads because they can get ice balls stuck in their pads. Also, stepping on the salt can also hurt their pads. So kind of keeping an eye, making sure you’re taking breaks to look at their paws, or putting little booties on them before you go out to take them for a walk is also a good thing to keep in mind," said Genny Carlson, director of the St. Joseph County Humane Society.

If you need straw to insulate an animal’s outdoor home, the Humane Society says they have some to give away.

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