Protest held against homeless relocation in Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind.--- Protesters in Goshen held a rally on Sunday against the closing its "Tent City" in addition to the potential relocation of its homeless population. The protest lasted just over two hours and drew in two dozen supporters.

Operation TreeHouse and Michiana Five for the Homeless were two groups that were represented in the protest.

"A lot of times the homeless have no say in what’s being dictated to them. We want to give them a voice, we want to them to know that they do have rights," said John Shafer, Director of Michaina Five for the Homeless.

Also at the protest was 16 year old Allyssa Rogers. She said she was compelled to come because her family had battled homelessness in the past.

"Nobody would help us and then we finally got back up on our feet, so I’ve been in their situation, and I know that’s not fun." said Rogers.

People living in "Tent City" will be forced to relocated on June 3rd. Organizers are planning another protest against it in June. 

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