Protesters gather to combat against animal cruelty

NOW: Protesters gather to combat against animal cruelty

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Protesters assembled outside the St. Joseph County Courthouse Thursday over an animal cruelty case.

67-year-old John Hill is facing a preliminary charge of cruelty to an animal and the trial is set to begin on July 15.

Neighbors of Hill called police in February saying he allegedly beat his dog with a hammer before burying the animal in the snow.

After police arrived, officers took the wounded dog to an animal hospital where it sadly had to be euthanized for its injuries.

"They can't speak up for themselves. They're domestic animals that we're responsible for and we're supposed to take care of and protect these animals. I hate to compare it to a small child but it is. They are innocent and they're dependent on us,” protester Mary Aragon said.

The protesters are adamant that people who abuse animals need to be held responsible.

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