Protests and unrest in Chicago

Weeks after police tapes surrounding the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald were released, Chicago residents are still protesting.

They are protesting in an effort for their voices to be heard. Supporters of the McDonald family want to see justice served for the officer who pulled the trigger.

McDonald was shot 16 times by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke more than a year ago. At the time of the shooting, McDonald only had a three inch knife on him.

Pastor Marvin Hunter who is Laquan McDonald's great uncle spoke out about the protests.

"The people that have marched and came out for Laquan I realize, as I look at the media and I listen to the radio, that many of their cries they all are the same. And that is 'justice,' 'justice,' 'justice,' 'sixteen shots,' 'justice,' 'justice,' and I realize that they were not just marching because they were in love with Laquan or they were in love with Pastor Hunter.  They were marching because each and every one of them could feel the pain of the Hunter family from a personal level, because they've all experienced it.  Police brutality," said Hunter.

Protesters marched through the streets of Chicago on Friday. Civil Rights Activists Reverend Jesse Jackson was there along with other leaders. They marched around City Hall seven times.

"We want justice, we want peace, we want our community to be safe. We want our community to be able to have peace. We want our community to be able to sleep at night. We want our community to have unity in the neighborhood," said Chief Kevin Booker, Protester.

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