Public input requested by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on need for older residents

NOW: Public input requested by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on need for older residents

LANSING, Mich. --The publics input on needs for older residents is requested by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services seeks input in regard to the gaps and needs in services and programs affecting quality of life of older residents.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will use the gathered information for the community discussions and from survey responses in identifying priorities for the department to support the health and well-being of Michigan's older adult population.

Before the state's Commission on Services to the Aging, a draft plan will go for approval before submission to the Federal Administration for Community Living by July 1, during the fiscal years 2023-2026 for implementation.

"The needs assessment that is underway will provide MDHHS and partners with important information for the development of Michigan's next three-year State Plan on Aging," said chief deputy director for health, Farah Hanley. "We welcome input as the voices of Michigan's older adults are critical to the plan and their input will provide valuable insights into the priorities and needs of this growing segment of our population."

State units on aging are tasked under the Older Americans Act with administering and developing a multi-year State Plan on Aging that provides objectives and goals related to helping older residents, their families and caregivers in their states.

The plan serves as a blueprint to outline coordination and advocacy activities in meeting the needs for older adults and building capacity for long-term care efforts in the state.

Everyone interested in giving information for the needs of older adults are invited to participate in a community discussion or complete a survey.

Community discussions are January and February at different locations across the state and in four different online forums.

Appropriate safety and health precautions will be taken for in-person gatherings, and survey questionnaires will be available online, as well as in paper form in English, Spanish and Arabic.

To access the survey, or for current community discussion locations, times and dates, go to the Behavioral and Physical Health and Aging Services Administration webpage.

This website will also be used for communication, cancelation, updates and information.

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