Pumpkin picking weather looking gourd-geous this week

NOW: Pumpkin picking weather looking gourd-geous this week

While it might feel like summer during the afternoons across Michiana, it is definitely pumpkin season! 

Here in Michiana, we are fairly spoiled when it comes to pumpkin availability. Both states are in the top 6 nationally for pumpkin production. Illinois is far and away the pumpkin king, however.

In a typical year, both Indiana and Michigan produce a combined 200 million pounds of pumpkins! That's a lot of pie!

The weather has been mostly cooperative in producing a good crop yield in Michiana. We had a warm spring (although we did get a late freeze once again). Additionally, we've had warm, dry, sunny days leading up to harvest. 

The major negative factor is our summer rainfall. It was an all or nothing season this year, which pumpkins typically don't like. 

However, local farmers are optimistic that the pumpkin crop will be a good one. The weather looks warm if you're heading out to a patch for the rest of this week. The weekend could bring some showers. 

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