Puppy shot in drive by

MENTONE, Ind. – Debo, a six-month-old Boxer was not his usual playful self; the dog was a little nervous, skittish as he stood outside on Monday. Timothy Grevenstuk said over the weekend someone shot his puppy, “He was just shaking, just terrified, I mean just terrified.”

Grevenstuk practically had to drag Debo out of the house, “Like we do every time the dog’s got to go to the bathroom,” Grevenstuk said to his dog, “Go out and go potty.”

The last time Grevenstuk took his two dogs, Debo and Keisha outside to play a man pulled a gun and fired at them. “It was loud, I mean it was right out here in my yard,” Grevenstuk said the dogs were out front inside his fence left alone for only five minutes when“ Somebody shot him with a shot gun.”

Grevenstuk ran outside as soon as he heard the loud boom, Keisha was hiding under the porch but Debo was the one who got hit. The puppy got blasted right in the face, “He was walking all crazy,” Grevenstuk said his puppy howled in pain. “Bleeding, just blood coming from his eye, from his read end and from the side of his face where he was hit with the bee bees.”

The shotgun shell, a game load used to hunt small animals like rabbits and foxes is full of about 60 tiny steel pellets, “When you shoot them they just all scatter,” Grevenstuk said, “They just come out in a widespread  and whatever gets in the way gets hit.”

Dozens of pellets had to be removed from Debo’s body, more than18-hundred dollars in vet bills later, Grevenstuk said his dog should recover but he’s still very angry, “I’d like to go shoot him and see how he likes it.”

Grevenstuk said the shooter looked to be in his 50’s, he drove up a white Oldsmobile to the stop sign next to his home on West Kingfisher Drive, leaned out the window and pulled the trigger. “It’s just ridiculous you know you don’t need to be careless like that especially with guns, he could have killed somebody.”

Grevenstuk called police but said the officer did not do much. According to Grevenstuk, police told him without other witnesses or a confession from the shooter, they could not make an arrest.

“My kids are out here playing with the dogs, what happens if one of my kids gets shot?” With two dogs and two kids, Grevenstuk said no one is allowed outside without him; he doesn’t think it’s safe, not even in their front yard.

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