Quick, Easy Last Minute Gift

Some say gift cards make bad gifts because you don't put any thought into them.  Honestly, I love them. 

At the top of my gift card list... teachers.  I want to give them something they will use, haven't received over the years, and something that gives them a break.  If anyone deserves a break, it's our teachers.

Since 95% of America loves Starbucks, that's what I buy. Taylor's teachers can enjoy a little cup of joe on us.  It's a nice and easy way to say 'thank you' for all they do.

Instead of just handing over a gift card, I try to add a little something special every year. This year I wrapped the gift card in a faux frappuccino.

When I bought the gift cards, I asked for three empty cups and straws.  Added brown and white tissue paper.  Voila, faux frappuccino.

Taylor has three teachers. She carried them in to school in a drink carrier from McDonald's.  

Thank you saucysprinkles for this cute and simple idea!


What do you do for teachers, friends or co-workers?  I'd love to hear from you.  Email me, or follow me on Facebook.




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