Railroad Trespass Abatement Program leads to citations, arrests

Elkhart Police partnered with Indiana Operation Lifesaver and the Norfolk Southern Railway Police to educate the public about trespassing on railroad property on Wednesday afternoon.

Indiana Operation Lifesaver says there were 118 collisions involving trains in 2015. Of those, 12 were fatal.

In addition, 13 people died and 14 were injured while trespassing on railroad property.

During the Railroad Trespass Abatement Program, Elkhart Police issued 43 warnings to 17 adults and 26 juveniles.

Four people were arrested for trespassing because they had previously been issued a warning about trespassing on railroad property.

Five people were arrested on active warrants.

Three of the four people arrested for trespassing were adults. They have been identified as:

  • Hezekiah Fowler
  • Ivette Feliciano
  • Amanda Kidder

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