Rainy Saturday

NOW: Rainy Saturday

Have the umbrella handy today. There are some scattered showers this morning, with rain becoming more steady by lunchtime and the early afternoon. Showers begin to break up again this evening and will be over before midnight. Temperatures reach a high in the upper 50s this afternoon.

Overnight, wind picks up with some gusts around 25 mph possible. It’ll stay mostly cloudy overnight. Temperatures fall into the mid 30s overnight, but because of the wind and cloud cover, frost doesn’t look as likely as earlier nights this week.

Cooler tomorrow to end the weekend, but dry. Dry conditions remain until late Tuesday night.

Today: Rainy. High 58.

Tonight: Showers early. Breezy. Low 36.

Sunday: Partly sunny. High 52.

Monday: Mostly sunny. Breezy. High 74.


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