Rebuilding Together LaPorte helping senior homeowners with home maintenance

NOW: Rebuilding Together LaPorte helping senior homeowners with home maintenance


LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind.— The Rebuilding Together chapter in LaPorte is looking for volunteers to adopt a senior homeowner.

Rebuilding Together is a national non-profit organization with chapters all over the country. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the LaPorte chapter had to cancel “Build Day” which is usually held in May. 

This year, they noticed that nearly 20 applications were from the elderly homeowners. So, last week, to avoid putting those homeowners at risk, they decided to forgo interior repairs and just work on doing exterior maintenance work.  

Painting, staining the front porch, cleaning the gutters, pulling the weeds, and trimming the bushes are some of the work being done.

Carey Garwood, the Rebuilding Together LaPorte Secretary said, this year they’re doing things differently. Rather than getting all volunteers together on one day to work on one house, volunteers have been adopting a family. This allows small groups of volunteers to work together on their own time.

“This year, it’s maybe one or two people that already know each other and they’ve already been around each other, and so, they’re able to do these projects together,” Garwood said. 

One local senior homeowner said that she appreciates the help. Sherry Morehouse has been living in her home for 63 years. She bought her house with her husband back in 1964. She said that she usually does yard work herself, it just takes her longer to do it.

“The porch here, the slates if they would just replace them, and the screen that was damaged from the hail storm last year. And I’m not able to get a ladder anymore, so, I would appreciate that” Morehouse said.

All home projects are expected to be done by July. So, far 15 confirmed volunteers have adopted a local senior homeowner. You can get involved by calling 219-363-8060 or sign up on their website at

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