Record breaking November cold snap


Update: The high for Friday only reached 31° in South Bend, adding another day to the sub-freezing record.  We are now at a record setting nine day stretch of sub-freezing temperatures.  However, we are tracking a slightly warmer, but rainy weekend in the ABC57 First Warning Neighborhood forecast.

The past week has been snowy, cold and record breaking. Setting a daily snowfall record (12.3") on the 12th  to a record cold high ( 18°) on the 18th. Now we've set a monthly record for the most consecutive days below freezing for the month of November. 

Temperatures have stayed below freezing since the early morning hours of November 13th through Thursday the 20th, for a record setting eight day stretch of temperatures. The previous record being five days, set in 1898 and 1996 according to the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana.

The record TOTAL number of days below freezing for November as a whole is 10 days set back in 1903.  On average the number of days below freezing is two for the entire month of November. 

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