Redbud motocross race attracts massive crowd, crews begin cleanup

NOW: Redbud motocross race attracts massive crowd, crews begin cleanup

Redbud track officials say the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship brought in tens of thousands of people to Buchanan this year. The last of the massive crowd stuck around through Sunday afternoon to check out the amateur racers take the track during the last few races and staff says they’re already planning for next year.

“We got all the best riders in the world so this is why they come to Redbud,” said Redbud staff member Stephan LeGrand.

That last race to the finish line concluded one of Buchanan’s successful championship races.

“The crowd was so good, I mean it was a beautiful day so what else do you need from a motocross race,” said LeGrand.

“It was so many people out here you couldn’t hardly walk around; it was hard to breathe,” said Michael Anderson who was working Redbud traffic over the weekend.

But those tens of thousands who all headed out Sunday evening means lots and lots of overflowing trash bins.

“Good cleaning crew, it’s a lot of cleaning people and it’s going to take about 3 to 4 days to clean everything up,” said LeGrand.

LeGrand says the track will get some major attention over the next few days and crews are planning for next year, something Chris McMillin, who’s been at every Redbud race for the last 20 years, will be back for.

“I’ve been racing for about 20 years and you just got to enjoy it. Finally get to race on the actual track that the actual pros raced on yesterday,” said McMillin “Way back in the day, in the 90s when I first started coming it was actually a lot bigger of a party scene, a little more dangerous. They brought in more security, it’s been a lot funner, we get more riders, more families it’s just a great week. If you haven’t done it you got to try it at least once.”

If you missed this year’s Redbud race you still have a chance for more. The 2018 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations is returning to American soil right here at Redbud in October. It’s the biggest motocross race of the year expected to bring in thousands of fans from around the world. Click here for more details.

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