RedBud MX Pro National returns for year 44 with big changes

NOW: RedBud MX Pro National returns for year 44 with big changes

The greatest professional and amateur motocross athletes from the around the world are gearing up for the 2017 RedBud MX Pro National.

It will take place this weekend at perhaps one of the world’s most famous motocross tracks in Buchanan.

This track is a favorite to many of the amateur and pro athletes on the yearly schedule.

Twists, turns, top speeds, tall jumps and a fan turnout second to none!

Amy Ritchie is the CEO of RedBud.

“Bought the property in 1972, my parents did. The first race was in 73 and the first pro national was in 74, although it was not much like this,” said Ritchie.

Amy Ritchie could have never expected this 44 years ago.

42 of the world’s best competing at what has become one of the most iconic tracks in motocross.

“It’s all the motocross you can take from top to bottom in one weekend. It’s like Little League to Major League Baseball all in one weekend. It’s cool because the amateur riders get to watch the pros and be part of the big weekend too,” said Ritchie.

Pat Schutte has been with RedBud for 18 years and says the amateurs as well as the pros are looking at big change on the track, which benefits spectators too.

“LaRocco’s leap, one of the largest jumps on the pro motocross tour. Riders fly 130 to 140 feet at about three stories off the ground. The grandstands that we have in the background are brand new as a result of tornado that ripped the old grandstands out. So we got some new ones in here brand new aluminum grandstands,” said Schutte.

A mammoth course and a memorable motocross experience, no matter the age or experience, fans and riders will see fireworks this weekend on this piece of property that has it’s place in history.

“I go far away and people know Buchanan. They know it maybe for Electro-Voice back in the day or they know it from Clark Equipment back in the day or they know it from or RedBud or even Lowrey’s Market. You know there’s a lot they might know it for so I hope it’s something everyone can be proud of,” said Schutte.

The festivities get underway as early as Thursday, with the professional races set to take place Saturday.

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