Remains found of 20th Century Fox executive

A 20th Century Fox executive disappeared in 2012 and his remains were finally found.

Police say hikers found 57-year-old Gavin Smith's remains along a trail just north of Los Angeles in a shallow grave, two years after the father of three went missing.

Smith was last seen leaving a female friend's house in May 2012.

Smith's wife Lisa told ABC News her husband never showed up to pick up his youngest son.

“That's a huge cause for concern. He didn't call his office, he didn't show up for work. He's never done any of those things in 21 years,” she says.

Investigators found Smith's black Mercedes in 2013, roughly a year after Smith disappeared, in a storage unit linked to convicted drug dealer John Creech.

Evidence inside the car prompted police to rule the case a homicide, even though Creech was never charged with Smith's murder.

As a regional manager at 20th Century Fox, Smith helped bring blockbusters like Titanic and Avatar to the big screen.

His family is hoping the new discovery will finally help solve the mystery surrounding his death and disappearance.

Police say that Smith had a relationship with Creech's wife, however they have not elaborated further.

Investigators say they are still trying to determine just how Smith died.
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