Rep. Walorski talks Covid-19 response

ELKHART, Ind.--- Representative Jackie Walorski spoke with ABC 57 Wednesday about governing during COVID-19. Walorski has been governing from home recently because of Cornavirus.

Walorski says she has been mostly glued to screens conducting video calls for the past few weeks. "The nice thing about it is you don’t lose travel time and you can talk to more people and get involved in more people’s issues virtually than you ever could traveling with wheels on the ground," said Walorski.

She says she's pleased with the amount of aid Congress has been able to give families and businesses, but thinks more needs to be done as the pandemic continues.

"The money is going quick," said Walorski. "The president loves the [Payroll Protection] program, Secretary Mnuchin loves this program and so basically congress needs to vote to bring additional money into that program."

Walorski admits that Congress could do a better time of adjusting with the times when it comes to the way it governs. "If the government wasn’t so archaic in the way it looks at things, especial in digital technology, I am sure that using some of the brightest minds in the country who have figured all this virtual conferencing out and those kinds of things, I’m sure they can figure it out for Congress," said Walorski.

Walorski also says that one of her main priorities is making sure health care workers and first responders  get the personal protective equipment they need. "That will be an unending task until a long time after this over with," said Walorski.

Walorski believes the country will recover from this pandemic, even though times seem uncertain at the moment. 

"None of us are going to be the same," said Walorski. "We’re going to be better, stronger, and our community is going to be more resilient than it is now."

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