Repeating nightmare of January 2014's frigid cold?

 SOUTH BEND, IN - It seemed like a distant nightmare; the frigid cold that blanketed Michiana last January with a high of just 1° on January 7th and overnight lows dipping into the negative teens.  Wind chills were the most remembered as they trudged in the dangerous territory of -35 to -40°.  

After a relatively warm December and a record-breaking smallest amount of snowfall on record, it looks like 2015 is taking a page out of January 2014's book to snap us back into the reality that Old Man winter is here to stay.  To the right are two figures, one comparing the high temperatures from January 4th - January 9th from this year to last year while the second figure compares the low temperatures from the same time period.

Looking at the numbers. 2014 was warmer when it came to high temperatures ( Fig 1) but much colder on the lows ( Fig 2). When we look at averages a real comparison can be made. Looking at the same time period, last year was a degree colder ( Table 1). Statistically that's moderately significant. Either way both years were very cold with highs and low 20° to 30° below normal. 

Table 1 - Average Temperatures for January 4th - 9th* 

    Year    Avg HighAvg LowAvg Temp

Stay warm and prepare for the elements by checking out the ABC57 First Warning Neighborhood Weather forecast here.  

* The average low for the 9th was estimated to be 1° as temperatures were still falling as of the writing of this article. 

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