Residents call for more background checks for lifetime gun permit holders

NOW: Residents call for more background checks for lifetime gun permit holders

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The state of Indiana exempted all state fees back in July making access much easier to obtain the life long title, but one thing some residents are concerned about those approved only have to go through background checks once during the application process.

"I don't think to tell you the truth that many background checks are going to make a big difference. I think people doing most of the gun violence don't have a gun license anyway," said Nyling Gammage, Lifetime License Holder.

Gammge is a South Bend Resident who has held his lifetime license permit for several years now as a way to protect himself like many who have recently applied for the life-long permit.

The state hoping to provide easier access for Hoosiers due to the increased popularity exempted all state fees for applicants back in July.

Now applicants are only required to cover fingerprinting and local background checks.

"If you pass all those checks basically the state says okay you've got no felony record that indicates a mental health issue, you have no restraining order against you, you're not the subject of a current investigation, and they process your application and send you the license," said Benjamin Blatt, Attorney at Law for Blatt Law Office.

According to Blatt, every applicant must pass the background check provided by their local police department and a run through by the FBI in order to complete the application process.

Once the license is issued the state will not go back and do additional background checks -- something some Hoosiers feel concerned about.

"The people you have to worry about with firearms are the people who have multiple convictions or arrests for felony possession of a firearm. Those are the names of the people you want to know about. The guy who could get out of jail and then 2 days later have another handgun," said Blatt.

Despite the concerns, Gammge says that most of the gun violence being seen within our area isn't connected to lifetime license holders so while he's open to completing follow up checks moving forward he doesn't believe it should be something required annually.

"Every year is too much. If they decided to do it, it'd be, if you get a lifetime you'd have to check 'em out every 10 years, 7-10 years, you know."

You can apply for a lifetime license with Indiana State Police here.

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