Residents concerned over gas station after double shooting

From September 2014 to October 15th, 2015 police have been called to the Citgo gas station on Olive Street in South Bend 60 times for crimes ranging from shootings to false calls.

ABC57's Alexandra Koehn received the number through a public information request with the South Bend Police Department. 

Is it a chronic nuisance property, or not? The numbers say one thing but city leaders are arguing that the property is not a chronic nuisance because they haven't deemed it to be.

Margie Neely said, “Ranting, raving, fussing, feuding and fighting it’s an every weekend occurrence!”

On Thursday night police lights lit up the Citgo gas station on Olive Street in South Bend after a firefighter who happened to be working at the station nearby heard shots erupt and called 911.

The victims were identified as two black males. 19-year-old Yves Harris was shot twice in the stomach and twice in the arm. 22-year-old Linsey Wright was shot once in the back.

Jeff Rynearson said, “Subsequently they were transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries, and we’re still trying to piece things together.”

Rynearson was recently promoted to Uniform Division Chief of the South Bend Police Department. 

He said no one is in custody and several cars were hit with bullets at the scene. He said they will be increasing patrols in the area. 

Rynearson said, “What we’re doing now and basically have been is putting ‘Cops on dots’ so we know that’s an area with an influx of violent crime.”

According to the police call log, this year police have been dispatched 43 times.

Rynearson said, “Depending on how many times emergency services are called to the address then it can insure that they risk a fine and some other legal proceedings.”

Dianna Walker was pumping gas at the gas station on Friday and she said she's not shocked there was a shooting. 

Walker said, “No because it happens all the time.”

As police continue to chase leads on Thursday night’s double shooting, motive continues to be a mystery.

Walker said, “I don’t know why they do it. I don’t know why they do what they do.”

The owners of the Citgo gas station did not want to go on camera. They said they have a security guard and apparently that doesn’t stop the violence either.

If you have any information on the shooting you can call the South Bend Police Department.

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