Residents help Edwardsburg teen's family

An unexpected death of an Edwarsburg teen brought the town together Saturday afternoon.

The small Michigan town decided to give back to a family of a girl they say had given her all to this community.

“She wanted to help everybody,” said stepfather Kevin Connors Jr.

She was an angel to Edwarsburg residents.

“[she's] irreplaceable,” said best friend Brittany Backus.

Many say she left their lives too soon.

“She gave when she was alive and she gave even when she passed on,” said Connors.

After passing from a brain aneurysm in May, 15-year-old Emma Al Amouri had all her organs donated.

Her family was uninsured but didn't look online for help with paying their medical costs, the community came to them with an old fashion cook out.

“It's a small community so I feel like it's important for us all to come together and show our support when something tragic like this happens,” said Edwardsburg EMS Samantha Wilson-Brown.

The town's fire department and emergency services threw this fundraiser for the family.

And this gesture from this small town, was a humbling one for this family.

“I told them I didn't want help but they didn't give me the option," said Connors. "They knew that i needed it.”

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