Residents rally against plans to shut down Clay High School

NOW: Residents rally against plans to shut down Clay High School

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Parents are speaking out in an effort to save Clay High School after the South Bend School Corporation proposed their facilities master plan several weeks ago that included an option of tearing the high school down.

“I asked Todd Cummings last year to assure me that my son would be there for 4 years, and he told me there was no plan to close a high school," said a current Clay High School parent.

Many in the township are fed up with the corporation's potential plans after voting in favor of the 220 million dollar referendum back in 2020.

“I’ve done amazing things because of clay high school and so to move that program to a different building loses its essence for me," said Jared Wagner, a Clay High School Alumni.

Three options for the master plan were unveiled several weeks ago by the district who partnered with a consultant to determine the needs of parents and teachers.

Chief Financial Officer for SBSC Kareemah Fowler says, while the plans won’t affect Clay for next school year there’s no guaranteeing what’ll happen in the future.

“I cannot say there will be no changes because there are other programmatic changes that happen in the district every single year that need to happen," said Fowler.

Alumni say a Clay shutdown would cause many of them to switch their children to charter or private schools — so they’re hoping district officials will change their minds.

“Just telling us data data data you’re collecting data for 2 years or whatever just allow them to flow with, allow them to give you, their solutions," said Kyla Henderson, a Clay Township Resident.

The corporation confirms Clay High School won’t shutdown immediately so they will continue to operate as normal next school year.

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