Residents react to Edwardsburg barn fire

Residents who live close to Smithfield Stables, where a large barn fire broke out Tuesday afternoon, killing at least 17 show horses, shared their reactions to the tragedy.

"I left my house around 4 o'clock and by 4:30, it was (the barn) fully engulfed," said Ruth Ellis.

Ellis and her husband, Jeff, live directly across the street from Smithfield Stables in Edwardsburg, Michigan.

"It was a landmark, it's been here for years," said Jeff Ellis. "Now, it's gone."

"It's depressing, horses are like family," said Alan Scott. Scott and his friend Freddie Weidman, say they've toured Smithfield Stables.

"I had a lot of memories there," said Weidman.

"I think it's going to be a terrible loss," said Ruth Ellis. "It will probably never be the same, but hopefully, they can rebuild."

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