Return of baseball represents milestone for Indiana

NOW: Return of baseball represents milestone for Indiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- At the end of June last year, Major League Baseball informed Minor Leagues that players wouldn’t be provided for the 2020 season. The very next day after the announcement, the South Bend Cubs released a statement announcing no fansand no baseball at four winds field However, this year, Four Winds Field isn’t sitting emptywith today being a huge celebration of fans back in the stands to watch the home opener! 

"Let’s play ball,” Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said. “I’ve been very excited; I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite a long time. It’s a testamate to a lot of folks coming together and stepping forward and showing we can do things in a safe way.” 

A return to baseball is sort of like a return to normalcy for Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. He says getting back to normal safely is the name of the gameand what we’ve been doing in Indiana is working. 

“We’ve had a little bit of practice at this. We’ve been open since early last year quite frankly but we’ve been doing it the smart way, obviously with vaccinations out we are near 35% of folks fully vaccinated. So, over a third, still got a way to go, but we have proven whether it’s been March madness or whether volleyball tournaments over the state of Indiana, that we can, we can enjoy some of those past events that we so look forward to,” Holcomb said. 

Holcomb said as long as events these take precautions and present a safe environment for folksthat the fun times will continue! 

“The key is to do it safely. And to monitor what the local data is and then, let’s have some fun while we are at it.”

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