Rev. Jesse Jackson comments on fatal shooting of Eric Logan by police

NOW: Rev. Jesse Jackson comments on fatal shooting of Eric Logan by police


The Reverend Jesse Jackson appeared on ABC57's sister station WCIU Thursday morning to talk about the Rainbow Push Coalition's Annual International Convention. While speaking with Felicia Lawrence of The Jam, Rev. Jackson spoke about race relations following the fatal shooting of a black man by a white officer in South Bend.

Felicia Lawrence: Are you saying that this is, you feel like this shooting is possibly being cause, one of the causes, could be segregation.

Rev. Jackson: No doubt about it. And police being seen as occupying forces. If you have 500 police and they live outside the city, buy a house outside the city tax base, they shop outside the city, school outside the city. They come into work scared of people they don't know.

Lawrence: They don't know the community

Rev. Jackson: That's not a good thing so Buttigieg, he should really speak to [unintelligible] urban policy

Lawrence: Yeah

Rev. Jackson: And not take the by himself because that's, Chicago police pretty much stay in the city. Detroit they don't

Lawrence: Oh, I didn't know that

Rev. Jackson: And when they take the tax base away and they take the consumer base away, education, then there's nothing left but anger.

Presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are scheduled to appear at the conference.

Click here for more information on the conference, which begins June 28 in Chicago.

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