Reward for double murder suspect increases to $20,000

NOW: Reward for double murder suspect increases to $20,000


BENTON HARBOR, Mich., -- The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety increased the reward for Antwan "Tank" Mims to $20,000 on Tuesday. 

Mims is the main suspect in the murders of 22-year-old Cortez Miller and 29-year-old Michael Johnson. 

It happened March 25 in the 900 block of Lavette Avenue.

"It’s very, very important that we get him off the streets, get him the system, bring him to justice, and we are hoping that our citizens will help us," said Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety director Dan McGinnis. “The suspect is still out there, and as long as he’s out there, people are in danger.”

BHDPS is working with Michigan State Police and the FBI. The FBI gave $13,000 toward the reward. BHDPS funded the rest through Crimestoppers. 

"We do believe there are people out there that know where he is or his movements, and we’re hoping that a monetary reward will encourage some," said McGinnis. 

Police said over the past six weeks, they’ve searched for Mims in four Midwest states. They could not say which states. They also could not provide more details about the details leading up to the shooting. BHDPS said they'll continue to search for Mims. 

"It’s that important to us. You can’t come into the city of Benton Harbor, kill somebody that coldly and that openly and kind of expect to be at large," said McGinnis. 

One of the victim's mothers issued the following statement: 

"Please be aware that this person is a danger to the community and whoever may be helping in his absconding and aiding him from justice, please turn him in. Even though it will not bring back Michael and Cortex, for those of us that are left behind, we can feel some type of justice, and we can put the pieces back together. I don't sleep and I lay awake crying and thinking about MY SONS and what they mean to me. I've always been a good mother. Perfect, no. But right! Now the pain and emptiness and loss is so great, I pray God continue to be with me and strengthen me. No parent should have to go through the nightmare of a tragedy. Please don't let Michael and Cortez's murders go unanswered." 

BHDPS ask anyone with information to call the tip line at (269) 927-0293. 

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