"Ring of fire" pattern to bring waves of storms, intense heat

The pattern is about to get very summer-like here in the Midwest and Great Lakes. So if you're a fan of heat, humidity and multiple thunderstorm chances, this is for you.

It'll all be due to a ring of fire pattern setting up shop across the eastern two-thirds of the country. But what is the this so-called "ring of fire?" 

In short, it's a pattern that allows a typically very large area to experience intense heat for a period of at least 2-3 days. In this case, an area of high pressure will anchor itself near Charlotte, North Carolina, allowing most locations east of the Rocky Mountains and south of I-90 to see big-time heat and humidity this weekend into next week.

While the absolute worst of the heat and humidity will likely stay to our south, we should see three days of intense heat here in Michiana. And since we are on the northern fringes of the expansive area of heat -- sometimes called a "heat dome" -- we will be in what's referred to as the "active zone" of the ring of fire as well.

Feels like temperatures thru next Tuesday.
That basically means we will have a chance of showers and thunderstorms each day and night thru next Tuesday. It won't rain all day every day, but we will be in a favorable location to see multiple rounds of rain and storms over the next four days.

It's often difficult to pinpoint the exact timing and intensity of rain and storms in this type of pattern, so be sure to keep an eye to the sky and check the radar often. Just know that it's possible to see storms at any point.

By the time we get to next Wednesday, somebody could wind up seeing 2-3" of rain. There's also a low severe weather risk with any thunderstorms that move through. Strong, gusty winds, small hail, lightning, and heavy rain are all potential hazards with any storms.

Potential heat index temperatures next Tuesday. Sunday and Monday will have similar values.
When it's not raining, it will be hot and very humid. At this time, Sunday thru Tuesday are shaping up to be the hottest days with highs well into the 80s each day assuming we see at least some sunshine. 

Adding in the humidity, it will feel like it's in the low and middle 90s Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. If we see enough sun on any of those afternoons, it's possible we see heat index values rise into the upper 90s. 

Maximum dew points thru next Wednesday.
Speaking of humidity, it will be down-right oppressive, disgusting, miserable, whatever you want to call it. Dew points will be in the lower to middle 70s during this stretch, which will essentially put us in the tropical category. It will feel nearly as humid as it did back in July during that extreme heatwave. 

If you have plans to be out and about over the next several days, be sure to not only watch for storms, but stay hydrated and safe in the heat!

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