River currents can take you underwater

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- While the St. Joseph River may look calm, Indiana conversation officers say looks can be deceiving.

Unlike rip currents, there are very few ways to fight a river’s current, but there are a few tips to keep you safe.

Conservation officers say you shouldn't hang out by the river by yourself.

If you're near the water, you should wear a life jacket.

“Anytime you find yourself down at water’s edge we always recommend you wear a US Coast Guard approved life jacket or personal flotation device. We never recommend wading out or swimming into water that has a current,” said Sergeant Ashlee Jackson of the Department of Natural Resources.

Even the best swimmers can get pulled into a current - and once you are in it, it is hard to get out.

“Even if you’re a strong swimmer the current presents it challenges. The current can actually take you under water for quite some time,” Jackson said.

Officers stressed the importance of being cautious and alert while you enjoy the river this summer.

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