Road crews working hard to keep roads clear

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- In St. Joseph County, Indiana, most of the county’s 14 drivers loaded up their trucks with a sand-salt mixture and headed out to treat the roads.

"I can't stand it. I want spring to come. Tired of the cold weather,” said Michael Hoffman of Mishawaka.

But it looks like Mother Nature isn't ready to let go of winter.

"It's going to be slippery and it's supposed to snow and all that,” said Debbie Dean of Mishawaka.

County and city road crews took advantage of Monday’s dry weather and started prepping the roads for Tuesday’s bad weather.

"It's difficult. Yesterday we started off by putting our anti-sleet solution down,” said Tim Ryan, Mishawaka Assistant Street Commissioner.

The county used a similar treatment on its 1500 miles of roadways.

"It's a liquid salt brine we use. It’s supposed to keep the roads from freezing,” said John Stevens, St. Joseph County Road Supervisor.

Tuesday, they made sure all equipment was ready to roll.

"The loader has been mixing salt and sand so we have a full shed of material to work from,” said Stevens.

“You are going to use a lot of salt to get rid of ice until the snow comes. After that, well, if it snows and we get ice is just going to be a mess,” said Ryan.

A spokesperson for Indiana-Michigan Power says its crews were busy dealing with thousands of power outages Tuesday. They say their power crews are ready to move if the weather causes more outages.

Road crews are working 12-hour shifts.

They ask you be courteous and slow down if you're out and see one of their plows.

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