Rollercoaster weather pattern disrupts annual winter events

NOW: Rollercoaster weather pattern disrupts annual winter events


This month has had rollercoaster temperatures so far, a trend we've noticed almost every month lately. While a daily record-high was set on the 11th at 58 degrees, we have also had several days of frigid cold, making our monthly temperature average more than 8 degrees below normal.

Now, the rollercoaster continues and temperatures are going to start warming back up and melting the snow as we head towards the weekend. This is unfortunate for events this weekend and next that require cold and snow.

The Hunter Ice festival is this weekend in Niles, ice sculptures will struggle not to melt on Saturday as temperatures warm, and by Sunday afternoon the event is threatened by rain and 40s. The event is still scheduled to happen though!

The Thrill on the Hill in Buchanan has already been cancelled for next weekend, as warm weather and lack of snow looms. This is the second year in a row organizers have had to cancel the event, but its all a fluke.

On average, January 17 through 28th is the coldest time of the year, with highs averaging 31 and lows averaging 17. There is technically no better time to plan this type of event.

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