Round Barn Winery buys Tabor Hill, creates opportunities for students

NOW: Round Barn Winery buys Tabor Hill, creates opportunities for students


Two of Michiana’s most popular wineries just came to a major agreement that will have an impact on the region’s wine industry.

“With our ties to Tabor Hill, we actually reached out and asked if they were interested in potentially selling it,” said Chris Moersch, Owner of Round Barn Winery.

Round Barn Winery recently bought Tabor Hill after needing more space, also creating space for students in Lake Michigan College’s Wine and Viticulture program.

“We’re hoping to grow up alongside with that industry,” said Michael Moyer, Director of Wine and Viticulture at Lake Michigan College.

Director of that program, Michael Moyer, says he looking to help launch the nine currently enrolled students into the fast growing industry.

“I think that this merger between Round Barn buying Tabor Hill is just yet more evidence of the growth and maturation of the Southwest Michigan wine industry,” said Moyer.

Saint Marys College grad, Laura Morris has been in the program since it first began in fall of 2015. She says this program allows for those students to be taken more seriously.

“Really I mean there’s nothing like it, not only in Michigan but in the Midwest. We’re really just hoping to crank out really excited knowledgeable students from this program so we can help grow this industry and support it,” said Laura Morris, a student at Lake Michigan College.

Moyer says this merger is the perfect opportunity to get student like Morris out in the field…

“That’s why we’re here; to provide education and training, to provide well educated staff to manage their vineyards, make their wine, sell their wine,” said Moyer.

And into the vineyard.

“Hopefully our graduates are going to go out and find jobs in these great places to work,” said Moyer.

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