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Rovenstine trial begins without further delay, jury chosen in one day

NOW: Rovenstine trial begins without further delay, jury chosen in one day

WARSAW, Ind. -

After delays, staffing switches, and obstacles, the case against Kosciusko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine is set to begin Wednesday morning.

He's accused of 10 felonies, including intimidation and official misconduct.

Eight hours and 75 people later, the defense attorneys finally agreed on an official jury.  The jury is made up of 8 women and 4 men, with three alternates.

Judge Stephen Bowers requested the alternates, due to the fact that the trial is expected to last two weeks. He wanted to make sure there were more than enough people ready to decide the Sheriff's innocence or guilt.

Attorneys had a difficult time getting a full jury together, because of just how close-knit the Warsaw community is. It took attorneys 11 rounds to decide on who to select.

One of the first questions asked of the jury pool, was "how many people knew someone on the potential witness list?" 

Almost the whole room raised their hands.

It's a small town, dealing with a big case. 

Several of the potential jurors either were neighbors or family friends with Rovenstine, went to church with the him or the other witnesses, or were somehow associated with the other people involved.

Those people are the central players: Kevin Bronson and former Grace College professor, Mark Soto.

Several of Soto's former students were also in the potential jury pool. 

Rovenstine is accused of accepting bribes, and showing preferential treatment to Bronson, while he was an inmate in his jail. 

 In order to help alleviate some of the concerns about bias, with having the trial in Warsaw, just steps away from the Sheriff's Department, Indiana State Police acted as bailiffs, and guarded the courtroom during the proceedings.

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