Rudy Yakym visits Indiana's second district as part of 'On the Road with Rudy' tour

NOW: Rudy Yakym visits Indiana’s second district as part of ’On the Road with Rudy’ tour

Indiana Representative Rudy Yakym is making his way around the second district this week as part of his "On the Road with Rudy" tour.

The Republican congressman started in Elkhart County on Monday, visiting a church that was celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Tuesday, Congressman Yakym made his way to Cass and Miami counties, visiting a restaurant in Walton and the Grissom Air Force Base in Peru.

On Wednesday, he stopped by WROI and Modern Materials in Rochester. While at Modern Materials, Congressman Yakym spoke with employees about the business and how the pandemic and inflation have impacted employees.

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