Safe Haven Baby Box arrives in Elkhart County

NOW: Safe Haven Baby Box arrives in Elkhart County

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind – A Safe Haven Baby Box was unveiled in Elkhart County Friday, making it the 73rd box in the country.

This baby box, located at the Cleveland Township Fire Department on C.R. 6., is the only one within at least 50 miles.

The boxes allow a parent to surrender a newborn infant in less than 30 days with 100% anonymity.

“It’s our way of letting the community know we support them in whatever decision that they make for this,” said Mike Graham, Cleveland Township Fire Department Chief. “The baby box is new to us and it’s new to the staff here but it’s something that we’ve been taught on and learned on and it’s amazing the whole thing that came together to bring this to this community.”

The box automatically locks once parents open the latch and place the newborn inside. As soon as the box locks, first responders are notified and arrive in less than four minutes to take the baby to the hospital.

The boxes are equipped with features like heating and cooling components, a sophisticated alarm system, and newly added white light.

Since being introduced in 2016, 12 babies have been put into the boxes – 11 in Indiana and one in Arkansas.

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