Safe ways to view the Solar Eclipse

NOW: Safe ways to view the Solar Eclipse


The Great American Solar Eclipse is quickly approaching!

Monday, people will gather from all over to watch the Total Solar Eclipse. Whether you are staying here or traveling to watch this exciting event, you need to have a safe way to view it.

Trying to watch the solar eclipse with your bare eye or even sunglasses can severely damage your eyesight.  

Here are a few safe ways to enjoy the solar eclipse:

  1. Solar Eclipse Sunglasses: The most direct way to watch the solar eclipse without harming your eyes is by purchasing solar eclipse glasses. It is important that the glasses are certified with the seal on them like the photo below. Before looking up at the sun, make sure you first turn away to put the sunglasses on and do the same when you take them off.

    Make sure your Solar Eclipses glasses has this seal on it, showing it meets all the requirements.

  2. Through a Pinhole: If you are unable to secure the certified solar eclipse sunglasses before Monday, you can view it through a pinhole! All you need to do is create a hole the size of a pin on a thick piece of paper. When the solar eclipse is happening, you hold the paper in the direction of the sun, pointed down at a paper or smooth surface on the ground. You will be able to see the eclipse happen on the paper. (DO NOT look through the pinhole at the sun) Other options are using a kitchen strainer which creates a similar effect.  

  3. With a Mirror: A mirror can be used to reflect the view of the solar eclipse onto the ground. Just make sure you avoid anyone's face in the process of pointing it to the ground.

  4. Cereal Box: To create your own personal projection of the solar eclipse, all you need is a cereal box, a white piece of paper and a small piece of foil. Place the piece of white paper at one end of the box and cut off the flaps on the other end. Place the piece of foil over the opened end, leaving enough room to peer in. Pierce a hole the size of a pin in the foil and point it in the direction of the sun, letting sunlight through the hole onto the white paper. Then simply look into the open section and enjoy the view!

If you are not able to step outside to watch the solar eclipse in person, ABC57 News will be covering it live and streaming it on our website at

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