Saint Joseph Medical expands to Elkhart County with new Simonton Lake location

NOW: Saint Joseph Medical expands to Elkhart County with new Simonton Lake location

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. - Saint Joseph Medical is expanding to Elkhart County with its brand-new Simonton Lake location.

The multispecialty facility will offer a variety of care ranging from podiatry to behavioral health.

It's stocked and ready to go with state-of-the-art equipment, something employees look forward to using.

"To see the empty shell…and then to see the walls go up and then the equipment that’s actually here…I can't wait to see the patients in it, I hope they are as excited as we are," said Kim Riggs, Director of Clinical Integration with St. Joseph Medical Group.

Among that equipment is a new chest x-ray.

It's a first for the health system's offsite locations, which will make it easier to share and read images.

"It's beautiful, today is actual the first day I've seen it in completion," said Leah Napolitano, M.D., Interim President of Saint Joseph County Medical Group. "It's really gorgeous, and I'm really excited for people to utilize it."

Come Monday, these seats will be filled with patients and some already have appointments scheduled.

Many are still available and can be booked online.

Whether you have insurance or not, the director of clinical integration tells me all are welcome here.

"Insurance, no insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, the big idea is that the patients who need care, we're here to provide that care to them, if they need assistance with financial aid, anything of that nature, we also have teams that can help do that for them…so we can make sure their care is priority," said Riggs.  

Health workers are ready to serve the community and ensure they have access to the care they need.

"We've located here just for ease of people being able to come and get to it easily, so please let us help take care of you," said Riggs.

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