Saint Mary's College entices seniors to live on-campus with new pet policy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Well it looks like senior housing at Saint Mary's College is turning into a pet paradise.

This fall, students who live at Regina Hall South will be allowed to have pets live with them in the dorms.

We stopped by campus on Monday to meet some of the incoming furry friends.

Some of the students we talked to said it's the main reason they wanted to live there.

"I was ecstatic. At first I didn't think it was real because who would ever allow animals in a dorm? It's something that makes it feel more like a home here on campus," said rising senior, Mara Scott.

Pets should be happy with the accomodations.

When students leave for class, pets have to be kept in a kennel, but there is a grassy pet park outside for them to romp around.

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